What age do you have to be to qualify? Ages 12-17 years old

What other qualifications must a youth meet? The youth must come from a non-hunting home. This means that they have never hunted before and have no one (mom, dad, grandpa, uncle...etc.) to take them into the woods and show them how to hunt. The youth must show proof of passing the ODWC Hunters Ed. Course and purchase all required ODWC licenses and Tags.

Do I have to pay for anything? The cost of the hunt, food, ammo, gun, is paid for by OYHSP through generous donations. The only thing the parent/child must pay for is the cost of any ODWC required hunting license and/or tags, and travel to and from the hunt location.

What do I do with the animal if I harvest something like a deer, hog or turkey? We will teach you and the youth how to clean, and prepare the animal for consumption. If you decide you do not want to eat the animal we require you to donate to animal to the state sponsored "Hunter's Against Hunger Program", pay the small required processing fee to the local processor. If you don't want us to help you clean and process your harvest, you can take it to a local processor, pay their fees to prepare the meat for you and you pick it up when its is ready.

How do I sign up my child for a hunt? The youth and parent must complete an OYHSP Youth Hunter Application and Liability Waiver.

Who is required to attend the hunt or other events? The youth participant and one parent/guardian.

Can my entire family come to watch me hunt? No, only one parent/guardian is allowed and must attend all events with the youth hunter. No other family or friends are allowed to attend the events.

How do I become a volunteer? The first step is to complete a Volunteer Application and sign a consent form for a background check, once approved, attend a OYHSP Volunteer Training Course.

Can I become a volunteer after my child has been through one of your hunts? We have had many parents, youths want to return afterwards to help out. We encourage all of our participants to help out and "Pay it Forward", by becoming a financial sponsor, a volunteer cook, or help us out at hunting shows such as the "Backwoods" show or the "Wildlife Expo". There are lots of ways to get involved to ensure other youths in the future will get the same amazing opportunity you and your son or daughter experienced.

How much does it cost your organization to take a child hunting over a 3 day youth deer hunt? The average cost per youth hunter is about $250.00 to cover insurance costs, food, guns, ammo and etc...

Do any of your members, hunt-masters, directors, guides and etc. get paid for their time? No,we are a nonprofit organization comprised exclusively of volunteers. 100% of the funds brought in go back to our mission of putting more kids in the outdoors hunting.

Can I make donations online? Yes, just follow the links on our website. We have established a secure PayPal account to assist you.

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