The Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program is a cause that serves Oklahoma’s youth by mentoring 12-17 year olds that have a desire to enjoy the outdoors through the sport of hunting, but do not have anyone in their immediate circle of responsible adults that have the background and/or knowledge to teach that individual about the sport. The Program has over 90 volunteers, all of whom are experienced outdoorsmen and women, that instruct and mentor such youths through Program sponsored activities. The process is culminated by taking each youth on a quality weekend deer hunt.

The hunts are conducted during the respective special youth seasons established by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, on lands donated to the Program specifically for that purpose. The Program provides all housing, meals, and appropriate firearms and ammunition for the game being pursued, all at no cost to the participants and their adult chaperones. Program hunts have been featured on Outdoor Oklahoma on several occasions.

The Mission of Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program, Inc., as a charity, is to pass on Oklahoma’s hunting heritage, and the character traits of independence, self-reliance, and self-confidence, that heritage instills, to youths ages twelve through seventeen. We will accomplish this by providing qualifying youth pre-hunt training and during-the-hunt guidance.

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