More Than a Hunt, It's a Connection

The Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program is a cause that serves Oklahoma’s youth by mentoring 12-17 year olds that have a desire to enjoy the outdoors through the sport of hunting, but do not have anyone in their immediate circle of responsible adults that have the background and/or knowledge to teach that individual about the sport.

Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program

The Oklahoma Youth Hunting program began back in 2008. Two of our founders decided they wanted to start a program that takes first time hunters on a deer hunt. With their own funds, they took 2 youngsters on their first hunt. Every year since the program has started, we have increased the number of kids that go on our hunts. The way a young person qualifies to go on our hunt is simple. They can have never hunted before. We are always looking for qualified kids. Just as important are our volunteers. Without you, we do not exist. We find landowners with suitable wildlife habitat and lodging to donate the use of their property for these youth to experience their first hunting trip! Adult volunteers make the whole process work by serving as huntmasters, cooks, guides, mentors, shooting coaches, and drivers. The youth's parent is not only encouraged, but required to accompany their child on the hunt. After all, we want them to share this fantastic experience!

Who Are We?

The Oklahoma Youth Hunting program is an organization of sportsmen who are dedicated to introducing 12-17 year old non-hunters to the sport of hunting and outdoor experiences that Oklahoma has to offer.  We find young people who have NEVER been hunting before and arrange for them and a parent/guardian to experience an Oklahoma hunt.  Our Huntmasters, Volunteers, Land Donors and Sponsors provide a place to hunt, firearms, ammo, food, lodging and most importantly, ENTHUSIASM and a GREAT ATTITUDE!

OYHP featured on Outdoor Oklahoma

Todd Craighead of Outdoor Oklahoma takes us through the Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program, and follows several young hunters on their first deer hunt. 

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